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Dog Food Bag

dog food bag
1.Environmental protective.
2.Dog food bag packing are convenience to use,store and carry.
3.Flat bottom pet bag packing.

Products Specification:
ItemDog Food Bag
Size&ThicknessCustom based on your requirement
Ink typeEco-friendly Food Grade Soy Ink
MaterialPET+VMPET+PE, BOPP+Kraft Paper+VMPET+PE, etc
Capacity100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1000g/1kg, 2kg, 5kg,8oz-100oz, Customized
Style OptionsFlat Bottom, Stand UP, Side Gusset, Zipper Top, With/Without Window, Euro Hole, etc.
Quality ControlAdvanced Equipment and Experienced QC Team will check material, semi-finished and finished products strictly in every step before shipping.

Product Description

Our dog food bags are the latest trend in the pet food packaging industry. It is a cost-effective alternative to heavy duty containers and cans used for packaging early. Because of their very light weight, shipping and shipping costs are greatly reduced. Because they require less shelf space, they can help you scale up the amount of dog food in a small space.

Our vertical packing bag for dog food is an innovative product that is ideal for small business owners looking for convenience and environmentally friendly products. They can help you grow and get great benefits.They can also be recycled and reused to increase profits.

Selling Points of the packaging bag

1.Environmental protective.

2.Dog food bag packing are convenience to use,store and carry.

3.Flat bottom pet bag packing.

4.Eye-catching printing make the product more amazing.

5.Good barrier, moisture proof, oxygen resistance, good sealing performance to extend the self life.

6.Gravure printing to make the package much more attractive.

7.Customizable pouch sizes dimensions to satisfy personal requirements.

8.Various material structures to meet general and special function requirements.

Product Advantages

All the dog food bags we provided can be produced with regular zip locks, slide zippers, or Velcro closures depending on your company’s and customer’s preference.

Pet owners will prefer this method of packaging dog food over the rest because it’s a green solution that best protects products from bacteria and pests, and it’s easy to transport, open, and reclose. The protective layers are puncture resistant, so consumers don’t have to worry about their critters getting into the packaging as soon as they bring it home.

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